iCan Phone

Wireless phone
2.4 Ghz radio link
HiFi Quality
Active Noise reduction (ANR)

iCan Touch 4.3" and 6.5"

Resistive touch screen
Customizable Interfaces

iCan UC V2

Connection rack for different iCan Modules
100MBps Ethernet Switch (optional)

iCan Moving Map

Customizable 3D model of the aircraft
Connected to the aircraft's ARINC 429
Moving map 3D

iCan Screen 7"

Celling motorized screen
Remote Controlled open/close
6 videos signal inputs(3 analog and 3 digital)
Touchscreen with vibration correction
Customizable interface

iCan Splitter

10 digital output Video splitter
2 video inputs
Remote Controlled Video source selection

iCan Headset

Wireless Headset
Bluetooth compatibility
2.4 GHz frequency

The iCan System

OXYTRONIC decided to launch its first product of its research lab: the iCan system.
This system offers IFE (In Flight Entertainment) easily transferable to marine and domestic areas.

This system allows its users to:
  • Enjoy multimedia content (listen to music, watch videos or view pictures).
  • Manage the lights.
  • Make calls via the satellite network.
  • iDevice management.
  • Live "Moving Map".
The iCan system consists of various elements such as :
  • The iCan UC
  • The iCan Touch
  • The iCan Screen
  • The iCan Splitter
  • The iCan Moving Map
  • The iCan Headset Wireless
  • The iCan Phone